Monday, March 31, 2008

Breathing a Sigh of Relief

Well, I never thought I would be done but I finished my thesis this evening. I have a 25 page paper to turn into my mentor professor who will then review it and I will probably have some corrections to make but there's nothing like having that behind me. I just have about 3 and a half or so pages left on one more paper for the semester and an exam in my linguistics class before I can call it done! My final presentation of my thesis is on April 22nd but I feel so much better now that I have those 25 pages done.

I feel like I haven't been able to look at all of my regular blogs in a few days nor have I had a chance to post. I truly have been keeping my nose to the grindstone. Now, I have to prepare for a conference this Thursday where I am a workshop presenter...what did I get myself into?

Anyway, I should be able to post a card tomorrow. I have to photograph the three that are done and I want to do it in good lighting...not the dark.

Thanks all who stop by even if I haven't added a card in the past couple of days.

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