Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blog....What's That?

I have truly neglected my blog but I still check the blogs in my blog roll. I forgot how much time was involved in posting to the blog and getting everything as I want it to be. However, now that it's summer, I hope to have the extra time that I didn't have during the school year. I have specific goals for the summer, which I have to do so that the whole summer doesn't pass by and I haven't gotten anything done.

I'm really working on my sewing and getting a store open on Etsy featuring my purses. I am looking for advice though....I'm looking for a good sewing machine. I have a Singer and I like it but I want one with more bells and whistles. I am open to any and all suggestions, especially if it's something that you are already using and you are happy with it. I'm sure this is a pretty generic request and I'm not even sure that I'll get any responses, but I can hope! Thanks everyone in advance.