Monday, April 30, 2007

Paper addict

Okay, okay, we all have our addictions...but I am learning that mine is to pretty paper. Rather than working on my projects right now, I am sorting and trying to find a way to organize all of my paper. I just love all of the Basic Grey, Bohemia, and My Mind's Eye. I hope to use all of this wonderful paper for some projects this week. However, the new purse business is booming and I have been sewing every night. I have completed three covers in three days and will attempt the inside purse tonight or tomorrow night. It is much more involved and difficult. I will probably sew it shut in the wrong places a couple of times but then figure it out. My goal is to complete at least two scrapbook pages in my best friend's wedding album by this weekend and will get them posted.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Plaid Leaf purse blog

I have been working this evening on getting a new blog ready with the purses that I am making. I was able to get the blog up and running and put all of the fabrics on the site that I have so far. I really am happy with the fabrics that I have found so far and I look forward to getting this business off the ground. Please check it out at: I will post more covers as soon as they are made. I also hope to scrapbook or make cards this weekend too.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

New purse cover

Did I mention that I am thrilled that classes are over for the semester? Oh yeah, I can do my projects now! Speaking of projects, I made a purse cover tonight while watching Survivor. I went to Hancock Fabrics after work today and found some great fabrics. However, I used a fabric that I already had from a previous trip. I really hope to expand the purse business and make new sizes and some new funky patterns with cool details. It's really a lot of fun and I haven't had to rip out a lot of stitches, which is a good sign. Here are a couple of pictures; one of the front and one of the back.

Semester has finished

Waahooo! I am thrilled that my Master's classes finished last night for the semester. It has been the most difficult, time consuming semester yet. Maybe now I will have some time to scrap and make cards. I am working on an album for my best friend's wedding. I will be her matron of honor and I thought a pre-made scrapbook would be a lot more personal than buying something off of the registry. I hope to get some purse covers sewn this weekend too. My sister-in-law has an order placed so I have at least one to do and then I would like to make some for myself. Here's to the end of the semester!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Scrap Yard

The Scrap Yard will be a place of my own to post my work and share what is going on in my life. Talking about life, I will be finishing my last two classes tomorrow night for the semester. I am pursuing my Master's in Spanish and working full time as an elementary Spanish teacher. I have been teaching for three years and have changed each year. I am now at a job where I want to stay. As far as my scrapping, I began scrapping after a trip to Spain in 2002. I quickly became addicted and even more so since I got my Cricut at Christmas from my husband. Since then, I have acquired thirteen cartridges and can get so much more done at such a higher quality. I also have started a business of making purses that have interchangeable covers. I hope to really get it off the ground soon. There is a lady who created the purse but she is too busy so she is handing it all over to me. I plan to really extend the business and look forward to seeing my purses all over the place. Well, I think that'll be it for tonight.