Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Scrap Yard

The Scrap Yard will be a place of my own to post my work and share what is going on in my life. Talking about life, I will be finishing my last two classes tomorrow night for the semester. I am pursuing my Master's in Spanish and working full time as an elementary Spanish teacher. I have been teaching for three years and have changed each year. I am now at a job where I want to stay. As far as my scrapping, I began scrapping after a trip to Spain in 2002. I quickly became addicted and even more so since I got my Cricut at Christmas from my husband. Since then, I have acquired thirteen cartridges and can get so much more done at such a higher quality. I also have started a business of making purses that have interchangeable covers. I hope to really get it off the ground soon. There is a lady who created the purse but she is too busy so she is handing it all over to me. I plan to really extend the business and look forward to seeing my purses all over the place. Well, I think that'll be it for tonight.

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