Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Well, I was gone for a day or two more than I meant to be. I am on spring break from work and I'm trying to take it easy. It's so nice not to have a specific schedule and go into work. After our spring break, we have nine weeks of school left. Speaking of school, my Master's classes are almost over! With just three more classes total and the presentation night, it's really almost over. I so look forward to just driving home and not worrying about reading X amount of chapters, answering X amount of questions, and worrying about writing final papers of 10 or more pages. Did I mention that I was excited? :)

Well, my card today is using my awesome PTI stuff. I'm bummed about this month's releases though, which won't even be coming out until the 15th but I haven't made enough purse sales to have spending money on the new stuff. {Big sigh} I have been spoiled and have had money in my account to spend it on my personal stamping stuff but it looks like this month's stash will have to wait. Oh well, the anniversary sets are supposed to coming out soon and because I bought 12 sets last year, I should receive that before too long.

Here's the card today! I'm still trying to work on photographing. This card is more true-color but it's a bit dark. I'm working on it.

PTI everything :)...ribbon, cardstock, stamps, Palette ink bought from PTI
the rhinestone is Me & My Big Ideas

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