Sunday, April 13, 2008

Personal Ramblings

No card or project for today but I have a couple of things that I'm excited to share. However, they are for the PTI Guest Star Stamper submission and I don't want to share them until they are all released in the gallery over on the PTI forum. I'm just going to share a few personal things and then call it a night. This weekend, I've finished my 25 page thesis and an eight page paper for another class. I had turned in another ten page paper last Tuesday so I have a huge sense of accomplishment right now. I do have a final exam on Tuesday in my linguistics class, but I am in no way concerned about it. The professor gave us the exact questions and it's just a matter of reviewing the materials. My final project will be presented on April 22nd and I do need to get my Powerpoint and eight minute talk ready along with a handout. Since the paper is already done, I will just have to pick an interesting aspect. I feel like these past two and a half years have crawled by, but now it seems like it went quickly. I am thrilled that my Master's degree is almost finished and I can start to really focus on some other things.

Okay, enough rambling for today...I promise to share the big project I've been working on either Tuesday or Wednesday. I may also try to make a card to post for tomorrow as well. I am so excited to start creating even more than I already am. Also, I'm going to my first knitting group on Thursday and am excited about that as well.

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