Thursday, May 24, 2007

Some Progress

Well, the progress is not necessarily scrapbook or card related but it's great progress on the purse making front. I have completed eight covers this evening. I have two covers that are in my "difficult" pile for different reasons and four more that are for a customer who wants them after her first cover and inner purse. Now I need to make all of the inside purses. I really want to have them done by the time that I go to Costa Rica; not only so that I can get them to my customers but also so that I do not feel behind when I get back. I really enjoy making them too and I didn't know that I would. I did make a mistake the other night though and tried to sew my finger to one of the covers. Needless to say, it hurt and I now have two holes in my finger where the needle went through. I will not do that again! Here are a couple of pictures on the covers I completed tonight and also my work area.

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