Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Finding the Time....

I can never find the time to do everything that I want to do. I just got the Cluck set from Stampin' Up and haven't even had time to cut and mount the stamps. I will be leaving for Costa Rica in two weeks from yesterday and still have tons to prepare for that trip. I am also in deep with the purse making business. I didn't expect to get such a response initially so I literally sit at my sewing machine all day or all night, depending on if I have to go to work that day. Luckily, it's summer break for now so I have a bit more time but we still have some school related professional developments to attend. As soon as I finish posting tonight, I will go sew until I go to bed. I feel bad because I have a lot of customers waiting but I am a one-woman show and can only work so fast. I also want the quality to be good. I am doing this for the fun of it and I love picking fabrics too. I think that once I catch up with the current batch of orders, I will feel a lot better about it. I was just inundated with so many at first. I am making great progress though! I will hopefully get to some cardmaking or scrapbooking too soon.

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