Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Things about Me

Well, I posted this over on my Facebook account but am going to include it here too for anyone who knows me but isn't on Facebook.

For those of you waiting for a new card, I'll post one later this evening. I just mailed out two cards today and forgot to photograph them. I realized as I was putting them into envelopes that I didn't take pictures...oh well!

I've been tagged to list 25 things about me. I don't usually like to fill these out but I've really enjoyed reading about everyone else so I guess I'll contribute.

1. This is my fifth year teaching and I've had four jobs within those five years: 5th grade, high school Spanish, two years in elementary Spanish, and now back to high school Spanish.

2. I love to travel, especially to Spanish-speaking countries. I've been to Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Mallorca, Costa Rica, and many U.S. states.

3. I love anything craft-related and will not hesitate to try a new craft. Right now, I love to knit with card-making coming in a close second.

4. I want to make a quilt this year.

5. I would love to be able to quit my job and be a full-time crafter. I have a dream of opening a yarn store along with a craft consignment kind of store.

6. I hate going to the dentist. I've had a tooth implant, a dozen cavities because my first dentist didn't do the right x-rays, a root canal, and braces.

7. I'm living in Kentucky but still consider Ohio my home. I miss my family a lot and wish I could find a job there.

8. I have my Master's in Spanish from the University of Louisville.

9. I own a small business and can often be found sewing purses. It's called Plaid Leaf Purses and I have my own website and everything.

10. I miss being around my college friends and how much easier it was in college.

11. I've had several jobs: telesurveyer, babysitter, library assistant, before and after school worker for YMCA, and a teacher.

12. I live in Elizabethtown where the movie Elizabethtown was filmed.

13. When I lived in Spain, they were filming the movie Carmen at the Plaza de España.

14. I never liked my high school and went to a community college during my last two years of college and took Spanish with the best teacher: Señora Wilder.

15. I still miss my Grandpa Brown every day and it's been more than a decade since he passed away.

16. I'm part of a knitting group that meets at a local Barnes & Noble every Thursday night.

17. My best friend all the way through high school was a guy who I miss sometimes and wish I could find a way to contact him.

18. I am left-handed and will never forget my 3rd grade teacher making all of the left-handed students go up to the board so we could show everyone how we slanted our writing and erased our writing as we wrote.

19. I have two cats: Storm and Zoe. They crack me up and I love them like children. Don't worry...I can't be a crazy cat lady I'm already married.

20. We just survivied the worst ice storm I've ever seen. We had to leave E-town for four days before our power came back on.

21. I am completely and totally obsessed with the Twilight series.

22. I traveled to Washington D.C. twice during my sophomore year in high school: I won both trips!

23. I love NCIS!

24. I've always been a very shy person but am breaking out of that shell more and more.

25. Every time I hear the song "Lean on Me" I remember dancing and singing around the car freshman year of college with Crystal, Jane, and Jim after returning from Wal-Mart (I think that's who was there). We also sang it at karaoke at my cousin's graduation party before I went off to Spain.

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Julia Aston said...

What fun things to know about you!