Monday, August 6, 2007

39.75 Hours in a Day????

Is it possible to talk with someone to extend the number of hours in a day? I saw a scrapbook layout in Scrapbook, Etc., I think that had a page about someone's schedule and it added up to more than 24 hours. She then was deciding between her husband and her dog to help out with her daily work. Anyway, I feel like that sometimes. I wish I had time right now to make a bunch of cards but my purse business, and I'm sure I've said this many times, is keeping me terribly busy. It's really a good thing because that means that my business is doing well. I actually find sewing pretty rewarding and relaxing. I also feel the same about my other hobbies. It's just the working and schooling that gets in the way! Speaking of which, school begins again next Monday for teachers and our kiddos will come on Tuesday. I'm excited to be teaching Spanish to elementary kids again this year but sometimes I wish I were teaching high school again because I could see them every day and it just felt like it was sometimes more productive to teach them than the little ones. Guess I can't have everything! College will begin again on August 20th and that means that I will start being Speedy Gonzalez on the way to class. Even worse, my classes begin at 4:00 so I have to be out of the building by 2:45...that is the time that I leave my last room. I sure wish I could just get a little mini-jet and jet all over the my wildest dreams.

Anyway, here's hoping for some time to make cards soon.

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