Saturday, June 7, 2008

Life Has Been Crazy!

I'm sure everyone can say that their life is crazy but I've never had so much going on at the same time. Here's my list of craziness:

1. I just accepted a new job with a local high school
2. FedEx lost my photo light tent kit and I've talked to a dozen representatives in probably a dozen states (I'm supposed to meet the driver on Tuesday and he's going to give me the money for the lost package)
3. I found out Thursday night that there is an additional person that we don't know on our auto insurance and we are trying to figure out if the company has our records messed up or if it's a case of identity theft
4. When I went out to the mailbox yesterday, there was a vacant form in the box. Our neighbor moved out so I suppose it was put in the wrong box. I went to the post office and sure enough, our mail was there.
5. I have my first Plaid Party today and I have seven more covers to finish within the next hour and a half.
6. I've been meeting with my knitting group and I've been really into knitting lately. I just bought 18 skeins of yarn to make an afghan, my first big project.
7. We just finished up our school year yesterday.
8. Just the other regular stuff.

Needless to say, life has been slightly busy :). I hope to get some projects put together for the next PTI Guest Star Stamper Contest.

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