Friday, October 12, 2007

Craft Fair

Well, tomorrow I will be at a craft fair all day! I am really excited because it's the first fair where I will be the one behind the table instead of the one shopping. I hope that it goes really well. I will be selling my purses but did not get any cards or altered items ready for the fair. I want to focus on getting my name out as a purse maker right now and maybe at a fair down the road, I will also sell cards or/and altered items. I think there are some things about craft fairs that are so important. Now, it's my first one so maybe someone could give me more hints too. I know I have prepared all of my fabric samples in plastic bags with prices and the fabric number on the back. That way, everyone who looks at them will not have to touch the actual fabric and then if they want to see it out, I can get it out for them. They are in clear containers (I bought them at Wal-Mart where they sell the dish drying crates.) and are numbered. I'm sure I'll have to organize a lot tomorrow after people have looked through them. Also, I will have boxes and weights to put on my table....boxes to elevate things and weights to hold down the boxes. I have bought sheer and plain fabric to cover my table with and I'm going to make a sign tonight. I hope that the things that I am doing will encourage people to check out my purses. Wish me luck!


Lynn said...

Just wanted to wish you luck at the fair, and hope it all goes well for you.

Something I have found out is you should have a book there that people can write their email addys, or mailing address on so you can send out like reminders of fairs to come, specials you might run, or new products. Just assure them you will not share their information with anyone else it is solely for you to send out announcements, contests, and update for other products.

One other thing that I have found does good to get people to come to your table is do some sort of product for a raffle, or free drawing type thing.

Hope it all goes well just trying to pass on information that was passed onto me when I did my first show.


Denise R said...

Hey Kristy! I don't have any hints or anything since I have never done a fair, but I wanted to wish you luck anyway!

Denise :)