Saturday, October 13, 2007

Craft Fair Is Over

Well, the craft fair is was a lot of fun because I got to talk to a lot of people, hand out lots of business cards, and I even sold two purses today. I hope that by passing out my business cards there will be more people who contact me. The best part of the day was that it was beautiful and there was a constant stream of people walking through and looking at my purses. The worst part of the day was the weird sunburn that I got. First of all, I should have known to put on sunscreen...I can look outside and get a sunburn. Anyway, the sun was coming up on one side of our booths. So...I have a bad sunburn on the right side of my face and the left side is somewhat red. To top that off I had on sunglasses so there is a nice white line around my eyes. I feel like hiding in the apartment. The good thing is that it will not be so bad tomorrow. Anyway, just wanted to share that it was fun and successful.

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lynn said...

that is great, sounds like you had a fun time either way which is important, and yes handing out business cards will bring in more people in the long run.

sunburns are bad but you are so lucky i wish the sun was out here was a yucky day again here

can't wait to see your next project you post i love your paint one

hopefully you get plenty of rest now