Monday, September 7, 2009

New Blog Look

I decided to change the look of my blog and with a little help with Photoshop, I'm pretty happy with the results. I got the header and page layout free from Shabby Blogs and then changed the header in Photoshop to make it look a bit more shabby.

I'm wondering what I can do to get more feedback and/or comments on the blog. Does anyone have any ideas?

I'd like to start including posts for my other hobbies, as I'm spending a lot more time knitting and finding other crafts that I enjoy. I went to a teddy bear workshop this past weekend and as soon as I make one more addition to my bear, I'll post her. I need help on naming her too so maybe we'll do a little blog candy. Just look for a post in the next few days.

At the teddy bear workshop, I was able to meet some of the most amazing women and had such an inspiring day out in the middle of nowhere. We laughed, stitched, and stuffed bears all day Saturday. It was a brilliant day. I was even able to sell some of my cards and it made me feel good about my cards because all of the ladies were really impressed with them. Sometimes in the blog world, I get caught up with the fact that there aren't any comments but yet I see that people visit. I've decided a long time ago that I know in my heart that I enjoy my hobbies and I appreciate comments but I don't have to have them to make me feel like my work is good.

Well, off to enjoy the last couple of hours of a three day weekend and it's back to teaching Spanish to 125 high schoolers. I can't believe we've already been in school for a full month and that it's my sixth year of teaching.


Denise R said...

Hey Kristy! Love the new blog look. I haven't done much scrapping lately. My daughter is getting married next year and my son is a senior in high school and we are working on picking a college for him now. Busy busy! I am so excited that you took a bear class. I did that once and loved it! I am like you and have toooo many hobbies and not enough time to do them all! Just wanted to pop in and say hello! In case you have forgotten, I am your friend from the first Cricut Swarm in Owensboro several years ago!

Kristy Vernon said...

I haven't forgotten you. The Swarm in Owensboro was so much fun. I don't get on the Cricut messageboard anymore...too busy with so many other things. Thanks for stopping by. Sounds like your life is pretty busy with your kids. I just loved the bear class!

Blueball Mountain Spindle and Needle Works said...

Hi Kristy!
Your new look is just lovely! I'll have to try Shabby Blogs next time. I just changed mine up with a template from Cutest Blog, also free. I know what you mean about comments, so here I am! One thing i do is I follow other peoples blogs on friends blog roll, leave a comment and often they will come back to yours to check you out. I also connected the blog to my FaceBook page and created a FB just for the 'business' stuff. It's all fun and who knows! Glad you made it to the Teddy Bear workshop...such fun!---Luna