Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Death Walk

Okay, I thought that when we had the choice between going to a mass at a church in Ciudad Quesada and a hike through the rain forest that the choice was easy. Before we left, we were told that it would be a pretty intense trip but I figured that it was somewhat exaggerated. Oh my wow, I have never been so exhausted from anything in my life. We walked up the side of a mountain and then down the other side on the way to see a waterfall called La Catarata Vieja (this means the Old Waterfall). We began by walking on what seemed to be an old creek bed full of stones and it was somewhat of an incline. However, when we started up the real incline, I thought that my legs would just give out. I kept telling myself, one more step, one more hill, but it seemed so far. We ended up in a cow field where we walked down for a while but then found that we had to walk down a muddy trail that only had enough room for our feet and to the right was a huge drop off. We got to the waterfall and it was beautiful. It was definitely worth the trip and being able to say that I did it but I never will again. It took about four hours to walk up and then about two hours to walk down. I did not want to complain but it was incredibly difficult!

We came back and had dinner at a place called Happy Land that is ¨the spot¨ for travelers, especially the KIIS group that I am traveling with.

Well, I need to close and walk my tired feet and legs back to the dorm. I think I will read for a while and go straight to sleep.

One last note, today is my one year anniversary with my wonderful husband. I love him so much and wish that he could experience all of this with me. Kisses to him!

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LNMflute7 said...

Glad to see you are keeping us posted on your trip!! Happy Anniversary and I hope your poor feet recover! Can't wait to see pics!