Saturday, June 9, 2007

Costa Rica Rocks

Well, it´s Saturday and all is well in Costa Rica. We are able to do so many more thing s than listed in our schedule that we received at orientation. Our leaders are very cool and will find events and excursions that we didn´t even know about. One of our leaders is a tico (means Costa Rican) so he knows everyone. He used to be a teacher and principal here so there are a lot of his students that recognize him. We are supposed to be going on a day long hike tomorrow to a waterfall. We could see Volcano Arenal yesterday from our bus windows. It is incredible; we were told that it is the picture perfect volcano. We are supposed to stay at it´s base for two nights on our last week here. It is amazing that we have already been here for almost a week. We have had so much to keep us busy that time flies. We are going to class today but it is only the second time that we have gotten together during the whole trip. Our leaders said that they would rather we ¨do¨ Costa Rica than be stuck in a classroom all day...I agree completely! I can´t believe how hard the ticos work. I think that I probably spend as much money on scrapbooking and cardmaking than some of the ticos make in a year. If they did not have tourism to depend on, I think it would be a very poor country. Some of the homes are just pieces of metal tin nailed together. I don´t feel sorry for them because I know that that is their culture and their way of life but it really makes me wonder why Americans think that they need so much. Well, we have class in a little while so I will close here.

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