Monday, March 16, 2009

Good Luck Card Series

I am a very proud Spanish teacher tonight! In Kentucky, there's a foreign language festival where the students can do cultural or language assessments. Tonight was cultural night. I had a group that did a play in Spanish (I am SO PROUD of them!), three projects, and two art projects. Of those, all but one art project placed and I will have the drama and two projects going to state competition. Did I mention how proud I am? Also, tomorrow will be the language/grammar assessments so another good day!

I was so proud of my drama kids that I made good luck cards last night. I don't think they can even begin to realize how proud of them I am. They have memorized a 10minute play and can act it out...all in Spanish :). I'll post a good luck card for the next four days since there are four kids in the drama.

Here's the first one:

This card uses primarily PTI stuff :).

I know the other day I said I was going to share some of my new yummy's the first :)
Velvety Grapes Malabrigo yarn

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