Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I just am not having time to make cards or projects right now. I'm staying pretty busy with work and other projects, not to mention trying to stay caught up with purse orders. I have also been a bit discouraged lately with my work so I don't feel very enthused or motivated.

Anyway, I'm knitting a lot lately so I'm working on some fall decorations and some Christmas gifts. That's taking a lot of my time also. I have also found a new hobby that I want to try. If it works out, I'll post it on here.

Thanks to everyone who comes and checks out my site. I will continue with Lauren's Saturday Sketch Challenge, but there probably won't be much else than that for a bit while I try to figure things out. I may start posting all of my crafty stuff though...I am still being crafty :).


Claire Brennan said...

I'm amazed and stumped to read that you're a bit discouraged at the moment Kristy - you have such a flair for crafting and I always look forward to your creations - I know I'm guilty sometimes of rummaging through blogs and admiring all the stuff but forgetting to leave a comment - If people like me were a bit more careful of leaving comments then you'd realise how fantastic your stuff is.

Regan said...

Kristy- this happens to everyone- I am also guilty of not leaving comments all the time- I say them in my head but they rarely make it to the keyboard!!!

Your mojo will come back-mine always does.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristy, I visit your blog regularly and love your work! I hope you have a great day and are getting everything done that you are trying to accomplish.

Heather (HMJ on PTI!!!)

Anonymous said...

I too am a Spanish teacher, but I teach K-2, 5-6th and sub, as needed for 7-8th. We are all busy.

It's that time of year when EVERYTHING seems to happen at once.

PLUS, I started a new elective: Yearbook/Photography for 10 very talented 7/8th garders! New subject... more prep work!

...add to that curriculum writer, library purchasing agent, yearbook advisor and, and, and

... so this is what I advise: Take a 1/2 day for yourself - no grading, no phone, no computer, no nothing. Go out with your husband, see a movie, eat out, get a new book, cuddle on the couch and breathe!

Teaching is so worth it. The kids' lives you touch is so worth it and the lasting relationships you are building have infinite impact. You are SO special.

Don't be discouraged. Just step back, give yourself the day and don't forget to breathe.

Be blessed, Marilyn

13 years teaching and LOVING every little school has train numerous students teachers throughout its 157 years of service to our community) :)

Alli Miles said...

Hey Kristy! Your work is phenomenal, but the truth is sometimes we need a break from it all. I will continue to visit your blog as you inspire me tremendously. I personally know the difficulty in trying to balance everything from teaching, to my kids and husband, to designing to crafting. Sometimes things just have to give a little. Hugs to you and look forward to your creations.

Kimberly said...

I hope that you are enjoying your new hobby and can't wait to see what you are up to!! You are incredibly clever and have a great eye, so whatever you do will be fabulous!! :)